M. Laura Feltri

M. Laura FeltriM. Laura Feltri. M.D. is Professor of Biochemistry and Neurology at the Hunter James Kelly Research Institute, University at Buffalo, NY, USA. Dr. Feltri received her medical degree from the University of Milano, Italy, where she also completed her internship in Medicine and Residence in Neurology, with Professor Nicola Canal.  She was a Neuroscience post-doctoral fellow of Dr. Michael Shy at Thomas Jefferson University and in the laboratory of Dr. John Kamholz at the University of Pennsylvania, Before moving to Buffalo, Dr. Feltri was the Head of the Unit of Neuro-Glia in the San Raffaele Institute of Milano.Dr. Feltri’s scientific interest pertains myelin and myelin diseases. With the laboratory of Lawrence Wrabetz, shedeveloped the first Cre transgene that targets specifically Schwann cells, and pioneered conditional transgenesis to understand the role of extracellular matrix components and their receptors in peripheral nerves.  Her laboratory has identified the diverse roles and some of the downstream signals for laminin receptors in nerve development.  The NIH, Telethon Italy and the European Community have funded her research. She wasa Board Member to the Peripheral Nerve Society (2009-2013) and she served on the editorial board of The Journal of Neuroscience (2008-2013).  Currently dr. Feltri is an ad-hoc member of the Cellular and Molecular Biology of Glia Study Section, scientific advisor to the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association, and a member of the scientific advisory committee for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.


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