Dies Meijer

Dies MeijerDies Meijer

Professor of Cellular Neurobiology

Centre for Neuroregeneration and Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

University of Edinburgh

Chancellor’s Building

49 Little France Crescent

Edinburgh, EH16 4SB




Tel. 44-(0)131-242 6238

Fax. 44 (0)131-242 7978


Biographical sketch

Dies Meijer studied Molecular Sciences at Wageningen University, Netherlands. He received his PhD degree from the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1992 for his studies into transcription factors controlling embryonic and spermatogenic stem cell development. He obtained postdoctoral training at the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill London, where he joined the laboratory of Dr Frank Grosveld to study gene structural elements defining the regulatory domains of gene activity during development. In 1994 he moved to the department of Genetics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam where he initiated studies on glial cell development and myelination in the peripheral nervous system. He was a coordinator and participant in a European Community Network on peripheral nerve development and differentiation (NGIDD FP7). His lab also participated in the national consortium on Stem Cells in Development and Disease (SCDD) and its follow up the Netherlands Institute for Regenerative Medicine (NIRM). In 2006 he received a NWO VICI award to continue and expand his studies into the molecular mechanisms that underlie Schwann cell-neuron interactions and drive myelin formation, neuronal differentiation and nerve regeneration following trauma. In 2009 he was appointed Professor in Developmental Biology of the Peripheral Nervous System. In 2013 he moved to the University of Edinburgh, UK, to take up a position as Professor in Cellular Neurobiology in the Centre for Neuroregeneration (CNR).


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