Lawrence Wrabetz

Lawrence WrabetzLawrence Wrabetz M.D. is Professor of Neurology and Biochemistry, and Director of the Hunter James Kelly Research Institute at the University at Buffalo. He recently moved from Milan, Italy where he was Head of Unit, Biology of Myelin and Director of Animal Facility, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, DIBITfrom 1995.The Wrabetz laboratory is interested in the molecular genetics of myelination, analyzed primarily in transgenic mice.  In one longterm project, the laboratoryhas studied the pathogenesis of inherited demyelinating neuropathies, by introducing authentic CMT mutations from patients into mice. In this way, theWrabetz lab is revealing the mechanisms of disease, potential avenues of therapy and creating the opportunity to test resulting medicines in preclinical trials for CMT.For example, the labidentified the unfolded protein response in some hereditary neuropathies and demonstrated in a relevant mouse model that prolonged endoplasmic reticulum stress provokes demyelination without significant cell death. Recent studies indicate that translational homeostasis is a therapeutic target in these neuropathies.


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