Hugh Willison

Hugh WillisonProfessor Hugh Willison directs the Neuroimmunology Research Group at the University of Glasgow and practices clinical neurology within the South Glasgow University Hospitals. He has a specialist clinical interest in the diagnosis and management of patients with peripheral nerve disorders and also directs a clinical diagnostic laboratory. His research on autoimmune neuropathy focuses on pathogenesis studies and novel treatment strategies for the severe paralytic disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome. This disorder is driven by aberrant immune responses to common infections and his work focus on the interplay between innate and adaptive immune function in this area. His group specialises in experimental approaches in mice, using a wide range of immunological, glycobiological, behavioural and live imaging techniques. He is the author of a wide range of articles on clinical and experimental aspects of peripheral nerve disease and has been funded long term by The Wellcome Trust. He received his clinical training in Neurology at the Royal Free Hospital and National Hospital, London, his research training at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, and has held posts at Glasgow University and associated hospitals since 1990.

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