James Salzer

James SalzerDr. James Salzer is Professor of Neuroscience and Physiology and of Neurologyat the NYU School of Medicine. He received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University, his M.D., Ph.D. from Washington University, and completed a neurology residency at New York Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical College. He has been on the faculty at NYU since 1984 where he served as Director of the Medical Scientist Training Program and Co-Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence. His research is focused on elucidating the axonal-glial interactions of myelination. His lab demonstrated a key role for neuregulin, and downstream signaling pathways, in promoting PNS myelination andhelped elucidate the composition of axonal domains in myelinated fibers and the mechanisms by which these domains – in particular thenodes of Ranvier – assemble. In current studies, his lab is characterizing the role of stem cells in myelin repair in the adult CNS.