Thursday – July 3

Session III Axonal health, support, degeneration and regeneration
Chair: Giuseppe Lauria
09:00 Adhesion G protein-coupled receptors in PNS development and regeneration – K. Monk (USA)
09:35 Small heat shock proteins in peripheral nerve degeneration – V. Timmermann (Belgium)
10:10 Coffee break
10:30 Painful neuropathies and sodium channels – G. Lauria (Italy)
11:05 The role of Schwann cells in nerve regeneration – K. Jessen (UK)
11:40 Ankyrins and spectrins: all-star protein accumulation machines in axons and Schwann cells – M. Rasband (USA)
12:15 Lunch
Session IV Inherited neuropathies, CMTs
Chair: Rhona Mirsky
13:30 Insights from CMT disease into Schwann cell function – D. Sherman (UK)
14:05 Regulation of c-jun expression in Schwann cells - H. Cabedo (Spain)
14:40 Coffee break
15:00 Cellular stress in inherited neuropathies – L. Wrabetz (USA)
15:35 The role of c-Jun in peripheral neuropathies – R. Mirsky (UK)
16:10 Posters
20:00 Dinner

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