Friday – July 4

Session V Inflammatory, autoimmune and painful neuropathies
Chair: Hugh Willison
09:15 Good and bad aspects of inlammation in peripheral nerves: Wallerian degeneration and inherited demyelination – R. Martini (Germany)
09:50 The role of nerve biopsy in the diagnosis of inflammatory neuropathies - A. Quattrini (Italy)
10:25 Coffee break
11:00 Nodo-paranodopathy: beyond the demyelinating and axonal classification in autoimmune neuropathies – Nobuhiro Yuki (Singapore)
11:35 The role of innate and adaptive immunity in mediating human auto-immune nerve disorders – H. Willison (UK)
12:10 Lunch
Session VI Bench to bedside and back for therapy
Chair: Mary Reilly
13:10 Inherited axonal neuropathies – bench to bedside – M. Reilly (UK)
13:45 Inherited demyelinating neuropathies – bedside to bench – M. Shy (USA)
14:20 Coffee break
14:55 New concepts in the therapy of inherited neuropathies – M. Sereda (Germany)
15:20 Challenges of traslating animal work to human nerve regeneration – A. Hoke (USA)
15:55 Innovative biomaterials to promote nerve regeneration – A. Sannino (Italy)
16:30 Informal student faculty interactions
20:00 Gala Dinner and taranta

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